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Best Footie for Baby

Amazing Swaddle


I absolutely loooooveee the footie and my daughter likes it to because it's easy for her to move in.

Monica, mom

This is my "Go to Footie" - I use it to the max! First thing I grab after I do laundry!

Alina, Mom

Our footie fits him perfectly - with room to grow! Love the little tag on the back showing the recycled bottle info. Love supporting good people and good things.

Karley D. Mom

Love, Love, Love these stripe footies! They have a ruffle on the butt too!!

Andrea, Mom

Bought 2 footies and 2 swaddles as gifts. Not only are they super cute and soft, I love that a percentage of sales are donated to the rhino sanctuary to buy milk! It's a win/win! Will be my go to gift from now on!

Connie, Gift Giver

These footies quickly became the favorite in our household! The two way zipper made dressing and diaper changes easy, and the hand covers were perfect to keep my son cozy and safe from scratches. The fabric is soft, and continues to be soft and comfy after many washes. We have been very happy with the quality of this product and have started giving as gifts

Kate, Mom

I received the rhino footie with matching swaddle as a gift and loved them. The footies were so soft and cozy-my son loved wearing them and cuddling up to sleep. One thing I loved most about the swaddle is that the fabric is stretchy and gives a secure hold! Now that my son is almost six months and no longer needs to be swaddled - it now works great as a blanket. I love love love these products!

Maggie F. Mom