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Our Cause

Me O My Earth is committed to looking out for Little Humans, Mother Earth (the natural world) and Endangered Species.  Our core principles are to create sustainable baby products that highlight endangered species to inform parents and gift givers the importance of protecting them.  We have chosen some wonderful organizations that are doing amazing work in the field of conservation.  A percentage of our sales go back to these non-profit organizations that share the same mission of preserving our planet and caring for endangered species for future generations.

 Gorilla Doctors


Gorilla Doctors is the only organization in the world dedicated to providing life-saving veterinary care to mountain and Grauer's gorillas in the wild.  Grauer's gorillas (the largest primate on the planet) are critically endangered.  When a gorilla is ill or injured or caught in a snare, the Gorilla Doctors intervene to save thier gorilla patient's life. 

The first year of life is full of challenges when trying to grow into a strong, healthy gorilla in the wild!  The greatest threats to infants mountain gorillas are trauma (e.g. snares or injuries), illness and health threats to infants can have population level impact over time.  In the case of endangered mountain gorillas where there are only an estimated 1,063 remaining, every individual life is essential to the long-term survival of the species.  

Gorilla Doctors work is credited for half of the annual population growth rate in habituated mountain gorillas, the only great ape in the world whose numbers are increasing. 

Mountain gorillas have a fighting chance for survival if organizations like Gorilla Doctors continue to work to address conservation challenges.




Care for Wild Logo


Care for Wild is the largest orphan rhino sanctuary in the world.  They are committed to saving endangered species in Southern Africa, in particular the orphaned black and white rhino babies that are rescued and rehabilitated. 

Adult rhinos are being brutally murdered daily for their horns in the National Parks, Provincial Parks and on private property.  Many of these devastating poaching incidents leave behind young, defenseless, orphaned calves.  Without the protection of their moms, the rhino calves quickly fall victim to vicious attacks from poachers and predators, such as lions and hyenas, starvation, hypothermia and dehydration. The swift detection of a newly orphaned calf is essential to save them from danger and death.

Founded by Petronel Nieuwoudt, Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary holds an official MOU (Memorandum Of Understanding) with South African National Parks in our joint effort to safeguard the future of the species and South Africa’s heritage.

Every rhino matters in the fight to save this iconic species from extinction.