Our story

Our story is simple.  We are three women who met over 20 years ago while working in the children's fashion industry.  We are all moms and like most parents want the best for our children.  We share the same passions in regards to sustainability, caring for others and Mother Earth.  This idea was simple, how do we take our past experience and extensive knowledge in the children's industry and combine it with our passions.  The outcome is Me O My Earth.  Our goal is to leave the world a cleaner and happier place for our children and future generations.


Our Cause

We have partnered with Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary, the largest rhino orphanage and sanctuary in the world.  We want to help the Sanctuary care for these orphaned rhinos.  We donate a percentage of our sales back to the orphanage to buy milk.  The "milk money" will give nourishment and strength to the baby rhinos so they will grow up to be amazing animals....just like their mommas!

Image from Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary


To learn more about Care For Wild Rhino Sanctuary w.careforwild.co.za/